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CPA firm in Paris
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"CPA for french subsidiary" << Test >>
"payroll french subsidiary"<< Test >>


HR Software
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"Programa de análisis de RRHH" << Test >>
"Programa de planificación RH" << Test >>


marking & traceability
1ère page on
"トレーサビリティ刻印" << Test >>
"lマーキング 機械工具" << Test >>


waterjet cutting machines
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"Maschinen zum Kunstschneiden" << Test >>
"Industrielles Zuschneiden" << Test >>

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7 reasons to choose Egate Référencement


  • Very competitive rates
  • Results guaranteed by contract
  • (minimum 20% of your keywords in the first page)
  • Best practices of google / Google Partner

  • Writing unique content for each keyword
  • 1 seo manager dedicated to the customer
  • Annual benefit, monthly monitoring
  • If we are the first on "referencement internet" (first page), it is not by chance ...

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e.GATE Référencement is a SEO agency with expertise in organic and commercial SEO, e-Marketing and Virtual Communities and give consultation in eMarketing Strategy.

Whether your need is for a showcase site or an e-commerce shop, we realize the optimization of your site to enhance your image, increase visibility and position your website on the first page of Google with expertise and a comprehensive, tailored, efficient and sustainable methodology.


For eGATE Référencement, a website not visible is a waste !

Why Google SEO ?

Google is now the leading search engines on the internet with 95% market share in Europe ( for statistics of search engines, see September 2014 news) . It is therefore clear that the priority in terms of visibility is to be the on first page of Google (but do not worry, when you're on Google you will also be on the other search engines as well for they have taken a similar methodology).

SEO on internet ?

Today, the positioning of your website on the internet is crucial. Being in the first page of Google is the primary source of traffic to your site (see Distribution of visits to a website). Studies show that the first 10 sites displayed by a search engine often receive three times more visitors than the next twenty, and only 40 % of Internet users go to the second page.

Organic SEO ?

A strategy for your SEO course involves an analysis of your website, your market and your products or services. Depending on your business, your budget, and your needs, eGate Référencement advise you every step of the way to offer you the best solution that is adapted to a sustainable and long-lasting SEO strategy whether organic or commercial (Adwords) or any other solution to online visibility and e-reputation.


e.Gate Référencement is an eMarketing agency specializing in:

- Natural SEO and/or commercial (SEM, google adwords)

- Localized, national and/or international SEO

- Strategic presence in social networks

Whatever your activity, the orientation of your site, whether you have a showcase site or an online shop, we are at your disposal to advise you on your SEO strategy. We offer analysis of your site, its positioning, its potential competition, and other SEO services tailored to your needs. We have very competitive prices which are guaranteed in written contract to ensure you a real existence on the web.